FAQs - frequently asked questions
1 FAQs - Frequently asked questions
1.1 What are free weapons?

Free weapons can be freely purchased from the age of 18 without the need for a weapons possession card.

The age of the respective customer is carefully checked by us. All items with age verification are marked FSK18 in our shop.

In our category free weapons you will find a large selection of FSK18 free firearms, such as AirSoftguns, Paintballguns, AirGuns, Scare Guns, Home Defense Weapons, Knives, Machetes, Bows, Crossbows as well as the matching ammunition for military and official training, for sport shooters, hunters and the AirSoft and Paintball sports and much more.

1.2 Why does the price change during my order process?
According to EU regulations, the VAT rates must be adapted to the respective member country.
The currently valid VAT rate is adjusted during the order process in your country.
The total price at the end of the order in the order details/payment process is binding.
1.3 Where do you deliver to and what are the shipping costs?

We deliver to all countries within the European Union (EU).

Excluded from shipping within the EU are however: United Kingdom, Andorra, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Melilla, islands Greece, Livigno, Vatican, Malta, San Marino, Büsingen on the Hochrhein and all European islands.

Please check before ordering if our products are allowed in your country or if special permits are required.

You can find the exact shipping costs and delivery times here in our shop:


We ship free European Union Zone 1 all orders from EUR 249,--

We ship also free to European Union Zone 2 and 3 all orders from EUR 499,--

1.4 Do I have to pay custom or other import fees?

No, you do not have to pay custom or other import fees because deliveries into all countries in the European Union are free from this fees.

1.5 Can I inspect the ordered items in advance?

No, we are a pure shipping company with daily shipping on all working days.

At our locations in Vienna and Tyrol you will find our distribution warehouse and our head office.

We do not have a local shop or a show room.

Furthermore, you will find a lot of information about our products in the form of product videos.

If you have any specific questions, please contact us by e-mail or via our ticket system.

1.6 Can I still change my order after I have sent it?

No, unfortunately this is not possible.

All orders are processed automatically, so subsequent changes or additions are not possible.

1.7 Can I cancel my order after payment?

Of course you are entitled to the legal right of cancellation.

However, please note that we have to process this manually and this will take time depending on the order situation.

If you wish to cancel your order, please send us an email or a ticket to our Serviceteam.

You will find all further information here in our shop:


A personal request: Please write us briefly why you want to cancel or revoke your order, so that we can constantly improve the shopping experience with us.

1.8 Why do I have to provide proof of age for my order?

Tactical24 basically sells items that are subject to proof of age (especially from the category AirSoftArms) due to legal regulations, exclusively to persons of legal age of 18 years.
Before we are allowed to send the articles marked with proof of age in the text, we therefore need a proof of age (copy of driver's license, passport or identity card) that clearly shows that the customer has reached the age of 18 years (this is only necessary for first order).
In the interest of speedy order processing, we ask you to send it to our address [email protected] before ordering, if possible.
Your proof of age is only needed for a one-time confirmation of your age. All customer data is subject to data protection and will not be disclosed.
We reserve the right to verify the accuracy and to refuse delivery in case of insufficient conditions. Without sending the proof of age or not reaching the minimum age of 18 years, we may only send tactical equipment (vest, glasses, backpack, etc.).

1.9 Is my credit card or PayPal payment automatically valid as a retirement confirmation?

Unfortunately, no. As an age confirmation in the sense of the trade authority and the legal requirements, we ask you to send us a copy of a valid ID (driver's license, ID card, passport).

1.10 What delivery time do I have to expect after ordering?

Basically, only items that are in stock can be placed in the shopping basket and can be ordered.

The order will be made ready for dispatch by our shipping team within 24 to 48 hours (applies exclusively on working days = Monday to Friday).

As soon as your package has been handed over to our shipping service provider, you will receive a tracking number for the shipment tracking by email after clearance.

Depending on the country of delivery, the pure delivery time is between two to five working days to all locations within the European Union.

Please clarify before ordering whether certain items may be imported into your home country or whether special permits are required for this. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure 100% that the products ordered from us are legally permitted in your country.

Tactical24 is not responsible for any problems with customs or firearms authorities in your country.

Tactical24 accepts no liability for any difficulties that may arise for the buyer due to the legal situation in their country.

1.11 Where can I find my shipment number?

You will automatically receive the tracking number for your order by email as soon as we have sent your package on its way.

1.12 According to the shipment information, my order hasn't moved in days, what's going on?

We ship all orders from our shipping warehouse in Austria.

If you have ordered from another country, it often happens that the shipment information is only updated once the package has been scanned for the first time in your destination country.

If the tracking information has not been updated for more than a week, please contact our service team immediately via email or ticket.

We will then instruct our shipping service provider to search for the parcel. If the parcel is lost, we will of course refund the order amount or send a new parcel.

Experience has shown, however, that in most cases a little patience is enough and the consignment will find its way to you very quickly.

1.13 What happens if I'm not home when my package arrives?
For the tracking of your package you will receive a tracking number from us.
With this number, you can always track the current status of your package.
Our shipping partner tries to deliver the package twice to your delivery address. If he does not meet the recipient 2 x consecutively, you will receive an agreement in which depot you can pick up the package.
If the package is not collected from the depot, it will be returned to us within 3 working days.
Upon return, the full postage costs for shipping and the postage for the provision will be charged to the buyer 100%.
1.14 My order is incomplete or one or more items are missing. What should I do?

Please check your package immediately for completeness using the delivery note in the package.
If one or more products are missing, it can very often happen that we have to send your order in more than one shipment.
In this case, we will send you a second partial delivery without being asked to do so.
If a product is listed on the delivery note but is not in the package, please contact our service team immediately via email or our ticket system so that this can be clarified quickly.

1.15 What warranties are included in the purchase?

Unless otherwise noted, you will receive a 24 month warranty on all material and production defects. This warranty is only valid for the first purchaser and expires upon transfer / sale.
We guarantee that the items you have purchased are free from defects in materials and workmanship during the entire warranty period.
If, contrary to expectations, the product exhibits such an error during the warranty period, it will be remedied immediately or the product will be replaced free of charge by an equivalent product.
In special cases (eg items not in stock) a repayment of the purchase price can be made. The warranty does not cover damage or malfunction resulting from improper handling or care or unauthorized repair of the item.
Also excluded from the warranty are all types of wear and tear as well as normal wear and tear.
The shippingcosts for the sending of a faulty product are charged to the buyer and can not be refunded.

1.16 A purchased item is broken, what can I do?

Please contact us after finding a possible defect by e-mail or our ticketsystem and describe the problem in detail.
As a result, our technical team can quickly identify what the problem might be and whether the item needs to be returned to us so that the damage can be remedied.
Under no circumstances should you do a repair attempt on your own initiative as this will void the warranty.

1.17 Who pays the costs for a return?

The buyer must pay for the return shipment.
You can send the return shipment with any parcel service provider you wish. Once we have received and inspected the item, we will return the order or item amount to your account.
We will use the same payment method for the refund that you chose when you placed your order.
You will find the return and the respective status in real time in your customer account under the item Returns.

1.18 Do you give with large orders also discount?
We always go to great lengths to offer our items as cheap as possible and calculate our prices extremely fair.
A discount is therefore - regardless of the order volume - not possible.
1.19 Can the Tactical24 Sserviceteam help me choose my products?

Yes, of course very much. Please contact us for an individual consultation. We are happy to advise you via email (office) or our ticketsystem.

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